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5 Dos & Don'ts for Networking in the Entertainment Industry

Networking is essential to find someone who has already been there. It helps to find a job in any business industry, and even more in the entertainment industry, where knowing the right people can make a lifetime difference.
How to make it into the entertainment industry? These do's and don'ts promise to help you get that desired job position you wish to attain:


1. Do get out of your house. Attend festivals, concerts or fashion shows that relate to your dream job. It is the best way to meet people that have your interests. Events are the best places to meet potential employers or to "meet someone who knows someone."

2. Do create a goal. Determine exactly what it is you are looking for. Read about different careers and define which suits you the best or in which you are interested the most. If you have a set mind, you are on the right road to successful networking.

3. Do be specific. When people ask you what you want to do, you need to state it directly and with passion. Confidence and determination will attract the attention of people you meet. If you are specific about what you want, you are giving other a better idea of how they can help you.

4. Do blog. Blogging is a good way to build an audience based on your talents. For those who prefer to do a video or post photography, go for it! Just remember to use the internet to your advantage, as it is a free and easy way to make yourself known to others.

5. Do be on top of your game. Always try to do your best, even though, you might be doing well. Be confident, but not over-confident. You have to constantly try to do a good job and others will notice.


1. Don't dress like everyone else. "Try to be elegant, but unique so that people will remember you. What you wear is how you present yourself to the world especially today, when human contacts are so quick. "Fashion is instant language."

2. Don't let the conversation be ALL ABOUT YOU. A great part of networking is selling yourself and talking about your accomplishments, but remember to listen about others. Networking is a two way street where people make themselves known to others and, reciprocally, meet others. You don't want to come off as arrogant. Do talk about your achievements, but take time to build the business relationship.

3. Don't check your cell phone. When you are meeting other people, try to give them the full attention they deserve. If you check your mobile device, some may interpret it as if "you are bored by the conversation" or others may find it rude. The point of networking is to have direct communication; avoid distractions.

4. Don't be shy. Be proactive and don't be shy to talk to others. It is the best way to meet people and to show self-trust. You never know whom you might meet, be it someone directly related to the industry or as I said before, "someone who knows someone." If you talk to others, others will be more willing to talk to you because you will come off as a more sympathetic person.

5. Don't forget to follow up. Remember to find out a way to maintain communication. Leave them a business card or add the person through LinkedIn and if it seems appropriate, send a personal, but professional message through the website. Avoid adding the person through Facebook, unless the person tells you so.

By: Erica Cuascut

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