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Meet LCTV's Newest Host

Meet Erica Cuascut, the Latina host representing LCTV in Florida. She's dynamic, persistent, determined and doesn't give up on her goals. Whatever she set's her mind to do, she get's the job done no matter how challenging it is! While she enjoys being simply herself, she also enjoys interviewing celebrities in front of the camera and knowing about the projects they are working on and how they became artists. She's very talented and has a personality that shines and that many admire. The former Latina Beauty Queen started in the arts and entertainment industry at an early age. Multitalented, charismatic, hardworking, outgoing and beautiful inside out are just some of the characteristics that define Erica. A dreamer who loves life and is determined and passionate to do the best she can with her talents. Spontaneous and disciplined because it keeps her balanced but always does the things she enjoys because she understands that life is a journey and not just a destination. She believes that life is about finding your true potential and not settling for anything less.

Q & A

Q. Who is LCTV?
A. LCTV stands for Latin Connection TV.

Q. What is LCTV's platform?
A. We not only recognize artists who have been in the entertainment industry for many years but also new and upcoming artists who aren't recognized within the Latino entertainment industry nor in the mainstream. We also recognize Latin artists who are in other genres of music. Gabe Garcia, Shawn Mayer, and Candice Crain who are in Nashville looking to be the next Country music star. Young Latinos like Cristina Quiñones, rock & pop artists out of Georgia. We also like to cover well known secret festivals like Calle 8 in Miami with over million attendees, Fiesta in San Antonio with over 2 million attendees and LA County Fair. Secret as in they're well known in their area but lack awareness outside the city or state.

Q. Why is it in English?
A. It's the groups that we target. Are main target group English dominant Latinos who are ignored by the heads of marketing and most of today's families are multi-cultural. Then there are those who are interested in the Latino culture but can read or speak Spanish. Not to mention there's not much competition in this area.

Q. Is LCTV only in the Miami area?
A. No, we've been in the San Antonio and Austin area for a few years. Look for interviews coming from other areas such as the ones mentioned and now in LA. Working on NYC. What we've seen is that Latinos have a LOT in common, the music is different but the process to produce, market and management is all the same. Even comes with many of the same issues but different locations and genres.

Q. What's our goal or dreams?
A. Our goal and dream is to be standing side by side with the big guys like E-TV, CNN, FOX, Access Hollywood, ESPN, etc……

A. Yes! Did you know that there are many Latinos who play in the NBA? NFL? NASCAR? That will be part of our sports segment.
Times have changed and we're at the beginning of new era.

Q. Where can we see more about LCTV and LATIN CONNECTION MAGAZINE? Twitter/Facebook/Website
A. To see more about LCTV and LATIN CONNECTION MAGAZINE, please check out our following pages:

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