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My Thoughts About Fashion Photography
By Paola Zambony

My Thoughts About Fashion Photography by Paola Zambony

As a couture designer, I have a profound admiration for photography as an art form. Having had the opportunity to be on both sides of the lens, I can say that I possess a unique perspective that enables me to truly appreciate the artistic essence of photography. It is a medium that allows for boundless creativity and expression, capturing the beauty and intricacies of designs in a visually captivating way.

In fact, it was around the late 19th century when photography gained recognition in the USA as a creative and visual form of expression through magazines and periodicals.

Great fashion photography is not easy by any means. Capturing wonderful fashion photographs is a challenging task.

So What Is Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is similar to editorial photography, which I adore and consider a true art form. It's about collaboration, creativity, and pushing the boundaries of imagination. like a stylish rendezvous between the worlds of fashion and photography.

It's all about capturing the essence of fashion, whether it's through stunning magazine spreads, runway snapshots, showroom showcases, or location-based lookbooks. Fashion photography can be a blend of artistry and commercial appeal; however, it is not to be confused with commercial photography. In fashion photography, the emphasis extends beyond the garments alone, encompassing the mood and styling of the image as well, unlike the sole focus on garments in commercial photography. Its core focus remains on portraying the dynamic relationship between fashion models and the clothing they wear.

What Does a Fashion Photographer Do?

Being a fashion photographer is more than just clicking a shutter button. It's about being well-versed in the brands and personalities you work with. When handling commercial assignments, fashion photographers need to understand the unique style and identity of each fashion house.

When shooting for fashion and fashion editorials, they must grasp the specific style and aesthetic conventions of the publication. Furthermore, a great fashion photographer stays updated with the ever-evolving fashion industry. Their work should reflect the current cultural moment while also possessing a timeless quality that transcends trends. Creating that edge that makes them unique.

They need exceptional interpersonal skills. On a fashion shoot, they become part of a larger team that includes models, hair stylists, fashion stylists, makeup artists, etc. A great photographer may take on a leadership role, always ensuring that models feel comfortable and confident.

Fashion photographers are often responsible for more than just capturing images. They set up shots, working with natural and artificial lighting, and frequently work in various locations, such as outdoor settings, studios, fashion show runways, or glamorous Fashion Week events.

Many fashion photographers also handle their own photo editing. I personally prefer a photographer who knows how to edit, as he/she was/is involved with the shoot and knows my models and what I want to see in an image as it portrays my brand.

I believe building a strong rapport with the photographer is crucial because we embark on a collaborative journey to create pure magic. A photoshoot is a beautiful manifestation of teamwork, where every individual contributes their skills and expertise to bring the vision to life.

In the world of fashion photography, everything comes together in a magical moment. It's about capturing that perfect alignment where styling, poses, and expressions converge to create a breathtaking and captivating image. This moment is the result of a remarkable collaboration among the photographer, stylist, models, and the entire team.

So, in the realm of fashion photography, styling and posing are not just mere components but rather part of the heart and soul that breathe life into the fashion being showcased.

It's through this careful orchestration that we create images that mesmerize, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.

Photography is magic.

Paola Zambony-Zambony Couture

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