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This Month's Centerfold -  Miosotis Hernandaz 

BELLA: Where are you from originally?
MIOSOTIS: I was born in the Dominican Rep. in a town called Mao, Valverde. When I was just two years old my parents movie me to the Bronx, New York city and then when I was six years old I movie to West Palm beach, Florida have been living here since then.

BELLA: Were you more physical or intellectual growing up?
MIOSOTIS: Growing up I was physical and intellectual. I remember all the times my mother will dress me up very cute, but for nothing. As soon as I was able to go outside and played I was running up and down playing all the games I could. When it was time to go back inside the house my hair and my clothes will be all messed up. I was intellectual too I loved going to school. One time I missed the bus I was in the 2nd grad, I was crying badly because I missed my bus to go to school. Also every afternoon before I will go outside and play or eat, I had to do my homework first without anyone telling me. So growing up I was a little of both.

BELLA: What do you do for fun?
MIOSOTIS: For fun I love to spend time with my family and friends and my boyfriend. Love to cook chill at the beach or pool or just hang out in my room watching T.V

BELLA: What do you do to stay in shape?
MIOSOTIS: To stay in shape I eat very healthy nutritious meals and I exercise 4 times a week to keep my shape.

BELLA: What was your first job?
MIOSOTIS: My first job was when I was in high school I worked at Publix in the deli department, but I hated working there.

BELLA: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
MIOSOTIS: One thing that people would be surprised to know about me is that I'm a very emotional person. I come off like nothing bugs me or brothers me but that is all just a cover up. I don't like people really knowing how I feel.

BELLA: What's your best feature?
MIOSOTIS: I think my best features are my legs. I love them I can wear almost anything and my legs will look cute.

BELLA: What's your favorite sport?
MIOSOTIS: My favorite sport is baseball, grow up watching it and still do.

BELLA: What is a Bella girl to you?
MIOSOTIS:To me a Bella girl is a girl who has total confidents in herself. No matter what obstacles you face in your life you can overcome them with confidents. That to me is a Bella girl.

BELLA: How do you get yourself energized before a shoot?
MIOSOTIS: The way I get myself energized before a shoot is that on my way to the shoot I'm blasting bachata, merengue, or reggaeton. That gets be so hype and ready for my shoot.

BELLA: What makes you different from most models?
MIOSOTIS: What makes me different from most models is that I follow what's in my heart and I do things different. I don't like to copy people; I like to think outside the box to set me apart from the rest of the models out there.

BELLA: Where do you see yourself in five years?
MIOSOTIS: In five years I see myself working in Univision or Telemundo as a T.V host. If that doesn't go as plan I'm studying to become a sonogram technician because I also love pregnant women.

BELLA: What is you favorite part of modeling so far?
MIOSOTIS: My favorite part of modeling so far is meeting all the wonderful people that I have meant. Having the kids look up to me and asking me for my autograph.

BELLA: What don't you like about modeling?
MIOSOTIS: The only thing I don't like about modeling is the politics that goes behind. There so people that make it far and they really shouldn't.

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